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CHINAPLAS 2011 recycling bottle tree first revealed

CHINAPLAS 2011 will continue with last year’s theme of “Green Plastics, Our Goal, Our Future”. Stanley Chu, Chairman of Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd, the show’s organizer,

explained to Hong Kong media the importance of green manufacturing in a press conference on May 3. Mr Chu, together with Ada Leung, Assistant General Manager – Sales & Marketing, Adsale, revealed for the first time an image of the installation art of”Beating Record by Recycling Bottles” event.


Mr Chu said, “As the Twelfth Five-year Plan focuses on energy saving and high technology industries, it is essential for manufacturers to grab the chance and transform themselves into high-end producers in order to be successful. The plastics industry is closely related to every other manufacturing industry. Learn more about plastics and its future development is for the benefit of your own.”

He added that as China became world number one in plastic machines export and number two in plastic materials consumption, there are unlimited business opportunities for Hong Kong manufacturers and trading companies. “China’s plastic machines are much cheaper but of comparable quality as western countries like Germany, which attracts a lot of buyers from developing countries. Meanwhile, it is Hong Kong’s superiority in international trade that could provide lots of opportunities for trading companies,” said Mr Chu.

As eco-friendly production continues to be the theme of CHINAPLAS, there are two concurrent events to support the theme. Besides the popular plastics conference, an unprecedented green event to collect over 3,000 plastic bottles for an installation art will also be organized. “The Beating Record by Recycling Bottles” event will smash the Guinness World Record. The image of the art piece – a plastic bottles tree designed by Wing Lee, HKDA Asia Design Silver Awards 2009 winner – was revealed by Mr Chu and Ms Leung.

Ms Leung said that the “tree” will be around 7m tall and she hopes that the event could arouse public awareness on the importance of recycling plastic bottles. “Compared to other countries, the recycling rate of plastic bottles is still low in China. We will be inviting visitors to join the event and hope to spread around the message. In fact, one of the eco-friendly plastics conference will concentrate on this topic,” said she.


Source : www.adsalecprj.com

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