Birchwood Casey Introduces New Acrylic Polymer-Based Topcoat

Birchwood Casey has launched CLEARLOK MAX, a new topcoat that has a mix of acrylic polymers to produce a fine coat finish on metal surfaces.


The coating is resistant to scratches. The applications of CLEARLOK MAX topcoat include power transmission components, machine components, hand tools and valves, pumps and oilfield tools.

The unique feature of the finish is that it enhances the surface durability and appearance by providing a barrier against corrosion. This makes the CLEARLOK MAX as a suitable topcoat for various surface finishes, including black oxide, phosphates and antique coatings. Other applications include shot-blasted and clean metal surfaces such as aluminum, zinc, bare steel, and nickel plating.

Birchwood Casey supplies the CLEARLOK MAX finish in a liquid concentrate form and it is diluted with water for use. The topcoat is non-toxic and pH neutral and hence can be safely applied without aeration. The CLEARLOK MAX is applied to metal parts by immersion technique and subsequently dried at temperatures ranging from 70°F to 130°F. This results in film thickness of nearly .002” and the complete hardness is attained in approximately 24 h. The minimum humidity resistance of the new finish is 400 h, depending on the thickness of the film.


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