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Research planned into recycling PP for food packaging

A development project to recycle polypropylene as food grade packaging has been started by the government-funded recycling agency WRAP. Polypropylene makes up a significant proportion of plastics packaging in the household bin but as yet is only recycled into non-food contact packaging.

     WRAP has commissioned Axion Consulting, Greenstar WES, Fraunhofer IVV and Pira Consulting, to undertake a study to test the process of recycling polypropylene, and its commercial viability in food grade packaging. WRAP says that with its different grades and colours used in packaging, developing a process for food grade recycled polypropylene will be demanding.
     One avenue to be explored is whether the food grade high density polyethylene recycling process already in existence can be used to recycle PP to food grade standards.


Source: britishplastics.co.uk

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