PlastIndia 2015 Next Preferred Plastics Business Destination

The Southern region of India is very important for Indian Plastic Industry. Two PVC and one Polystyrene plant are operating in South India. This region now leads in Thermosets and Composites. It is also a hub of PVC pipes. Further, South India also happens to be a hub of automobile industries and there is a high potential for growth of plastics in auto parts segment. Also, Karnataka is emerging as the centre of Raffia, while pharmaceutical industries are flourishing in Andhra Pradesh, with a huge potential growth for packaging sector.

Tamil Nadu consumes over 7 Lakh 50,000 tonnes of plastics, generating an income of over Rs. 15,000 crore in plastics related businesses, says the recent survey of Tamil Nadu Plastic Manufacturer’s Association. With respect to small-scale sector, there are more than 6,000 plastic entreprises in the state offering direct and indirect job opportunities to over 10 lakh people.

PlastIndia 2015 Next Preferred Plastics Business Destination
PlastIndia 2015 Next Preferred Plastics Business Destination

Chennai is to have an integrated plastic industrial park. Tamil Nadu universities are producing around 800 plastic engineering professionals a year, offering engineering courses that include special programmes in plastic processing and designing. Particularly, the Central Institute of Plastics Engineering and Technology in Chennai is in the forefront in offering plastic related courses in India.

Backed by a huge workforce of economical yet skilled manpower; a high emphasis on quality as well as value for money; and a favourable regulatory environment, India’s plastic processing sector is surging. The industry has surplus processing capability to cater to more business and is constantly upgrading itself on technology and atomisation front to keep pace with the developed nations. India – the globe’s most lucrative business destination is growing bigger by the day.

Plastics – as the key material for man’s progress today – will be a key beneficiary of this tremendous growth surge. PLASTINDIA 2015 will be the gateway to this profusion of unlimited possibilities as India is poised to become the next global hub for plastics. All in all, PLASTINDIA 2015 promises opportunities for growth and success to anyone associated with or willing to associate with the wonderful world of plastics.

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