OSCiAl releases nanotube technology

DUESSELDORF, Germany—OCSiAl L.L.C. is featuring its first-ever nanotube introduction technology that the company said is able to transcend the limits of nanotube concentration in dispersions.

The concentrate, called Tuball Matrix, is suitable for several applications, including electrical conductivity in silicones and improved tire performance.The company is touting its product at K2016.

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OSCiAl releases nanotube technology

The company said that ultra-low loadings of Tuball Matrix are sufficient to create uniform 3D networks in a matrix. Strong conductive networks not only guarantee uniform conductivity, the company claims, but also increases important mechanical properties of materials such as strength, fracture- and abrasion resistance.

Among the benefits of the product are uniform and permanent resistivity range; loading rates in compounds starting at 0.1 percent; maintaining and increasing mechanical properties; and enable coloration. OCSiAl also said it is easy to handle and dilute.

According to the firm, Other suitable applications include electrical conductivity in composites systems; high-quality electrostatic discharge control PVC; electrical conductivity in plastics; electrical conductivity in epoxy, polyester and vinylester systems; electrical conductivity in polyethylene and polypropylene; and ultra-light, conductive and durable analogues of widely used materials.