Ulsan, South Korea – April 30, 2021 – Songwon Industrial Co., Ltd., announces the establishment of its new business entity in China, Songwon International-Qingdao Co., Ltd. The new organization will ensure that SONGWON remains well-positioned to continue providing customers in this important strategic region with high quality products and service.

SONGWON also announces that the divestment of its shareholding in the Qingdao Long Fortune Songwon Chemical Co., Ltd. joint venture has been completed.

About Songwon Industrial Co., Ltd.

A leader in the development, production and supply of specialty chemicals, SONGWON’s products touch your life every day, everywhere. Since 1965, we’ve been driving innovation, partnering for progress and paving the way for a better more sustainable tomorrow with 360° customized solutions.

Headquartered in South Korea, SONGWON is the 2nd largest manufacturer of polymer stabilizers worldwide. With Group companies and world-class manufacturing facilities across the globe, we are dedicated to providing customers in over 60 countries with high-performance products that meet their individual needs and the best levels of service.

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