Packaging manufacturer Sharp Interpack sets a new benchmark in the production of plastics packaging for food.

High quality packaging film is made from recycled PET on the new line in Bridgwater UK, which incorporates a V-type screen changer with
Power Backflush Technology from KREYENBORG GmbH, a German plastics auxiliary machinery supplier.

To ensure the competitiveness in the market, producers of PET packaging more and more use recycled polymer. In doing so, particular attention needs to be paid to compliance with the imminent, strict, EU regulations on plastics in direct contact with food. The new film line in Bridgwater Sharp Interpack is compliant. This food packaging film line has a capacity of 1.500 kg/h, using 100 % recycled PET. The feedstock, originating from consumer waste, is pre-cleaned in a washing line and then directly extruded (potentially harmful substances are removed from the plastic). All tests have been successfully completed and the process has already been certified for food contact safety by PIRA in the UK.

A key line component, for the processing of the recycled polymer, is the melt filter. In this extrusion line – a KREYENBORG V-type screen changer with Power Backflush Technology, which automatically flushes filter screens independently of the extruder for interruption free, constant pressure extrusion. The KREYENBORG range of V-type screen changers are the first choice for recycling lines and are also suitable for high levels of contamination, their operation, pressure and constant volume flow ensure trouble-free use.

The Power Backflush Technology gives highly efficient cleaning of the screen packs without additional pressure from the extruder. With each backflush a constant quantity of material is discharged, so that, in comparison to other systems, the material losses are very low and the screen life very long. Current packaging film developments demonstrate how to successfully combine cost-efficient production alternatives and strict regulatory requirements. KREYENBORG’s, wide range of discontinuous and continuous operation, screen changers are playing an important role in such developments.



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