Agr introduces novel solution for non-contact thickness measurement of non-PET containers

Agr International has introduced a novel, breakthrough method to measure thickness distribution in HDPE, PP, PE and similar containers.

An entire segment of containers is now able to be measured for thickness distribution with light-based optical technology. Prior to this development, many HDPE, PP, PE and similar containers that were highly coloured and had limited transparency, were not able to be measured using non-contact, light-based measurement techniques. 

In the development of its new Gawis 4D dimensional and thickness measurement system, Agr Engineers were challenged to include the ability to measure thickness on a broader range of bottles including those constructed of HDPE and non-PET materials. To address this, a novel ‘Integrated Method for Thickness Measurement’ was developed and implemented. The patent-pending method incorporates a proprietary programmable spectrometer and utilises the integrated method to analyse the signal level of multiple absorption bands within the near and short infrared band widths. Bottles that are highly coloured and have a transmissivity to IR light as low as five per cent can now be measured for thickness.

HDPE, as with many other non-PET materials, is generally translucent, meaning some IR can pass through, but lacks well-defined spectral signatures for classical IR analysis.  The amount of colourant further limits IR light transmission and absorption. Consequently, light-based thickness measurements of HDPE and non-PET bottles has been difficult and impractical.

This breakthrough technology overcomes many of the measurement challenges presented by non-PET materials and offers a new measurement alternative for HDPE and non-PET bottles used in the food, cosmetic, personal care and related industries. 

Gawis 4D can measure containers manufactured from a wide range of polyolefins, including highly coloured materials, making the device ideal for testing labs that process a wide variety of containers and products. 

The Gawis 4D is designed to provide highly accurate and repeatable  dimensional gauging as well as high precision, non-contact thickness measurement over the entire bottle or preform, with a throughput of less than twenty seconds per sample

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