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Innovation excellence of Polyscope during K-fair 2013

Innovation excellence of Polyscope during K-fair 2013

K2013: Hall 5 Stand E08
At K2013, Polyscope, the world’s leading producer of styrene maleic anhydride (SMA) copolymers and compounds, will display some of its most recent developments in engineering plastic applications. In addition, the company is staging a series of technical sessions at its booth in Hall 5/stand E08.

Innovation excellence of Polyscope during K-fair 2013
Innovation excellence of Polyscope during K-fair 2013

As the world’s leading developer of styrene, maleic anhydride and N-phenylmaleimide (SMA and SMANPMI) terpolymers, marketed as XIRAN®, Polyscope continues to make application development breakthroughs.

The latest of these is the development of very-large thermoplastic sunroof frames for serial production of the Citroen DS3 Cabrio, which will be on show at the Polyscope booth. XIRAN compounds offer high dimensional accuracy, very-low warpage, superior adhesion and a low density of the final part. This makes it an excellent solution for high precision parts.

High heat performance
Recently introduced XIRAN IZ grades are designed to be highly efficient in increasing the high heat performance of engineering plastic, especially in styrenics like ABS. They were developed to respond to the increasing trend within the plastic industry to create styrenic engineering plastics with high temperature resistance and low volatile residuals. The new XIRAN IZ grades exhibit a glass transition temperature (Tg) of 175˚C or higher and can be exposed to higher processing temperatures with excellent miscibility in styrenic polymers like ABS.

Polyscope is continuously exploring new opportunities and applications for its unique XIRAN portfolio. By working in close collaboration with customers and OEMs, the company is able to customize its XIRAN portfolio to fully meet their needs and develop new and exciting applications.

And during the K-show, Polyscope will offer the plastics industry a unique opportunity to discuss the performance of XIRAN in the most interactive way, as its in-house experts will guide the audience through the outstanding performance of its newest products and answer all questions about high heat modifications and SMA/ABS based compounds.

The unique performance of high heat ABS and XIRAN sunroof frames will be highlighted during a series of interactive technical sessions on:

  • Thursday 17 October: XIRAN sunroof frames
  • Friday 18 October: High heat ABS
  • Monday 21 October: XIRAN sunroof frames
  • Tuesday 22 October: High heat ABS

Sessions will be held throughout the day and pre-booking is advised via:

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