IDC Models Goes into Legoland
IDC Models Goes into Legoland
IDC Models Goes into Legoland

IDC Models, the rapid prototyping and model making division of Industrial Design Consultancy (IDC), has just produced animated models for Legoland’s latest venture, a ninja-themed mini Legoland to be installed in outdoor shopping centres across Europe.

IDC Models both designed and manufactured the ‘Ninjago’ Lego models. Legoland came to IDC with an initial vision of what they wanted and IDC developed the products from scratch. These included ninja workmen, an ironing-ninja and a dragon boat. Each model included mechanical solutions to enable the Lego ninja animations.

These were developed by IDC’s in-house mechanical design team and were machined, assembled and tested by IDC Models before delivery. A key design consideration was ensuring that the mechanisms were robust enough to stand up to the weather and corrosion, while being theft-proof. Each model was required to be virtually maintenance-free and able to run for 12 months at a time. This meant that the motor and drive systems had to be designed for longevity.

In manufacturing the products, IDC Models used both manual and CNC machining. The process involved extensive parts testing to ensure that they met the criteria set by Legoland. The designs were developed and refined to overcome any obstacles found during testing stages.

IDC models were chosen by Legoland for this project because of the experience and ability of the team. Peter Penderdast, Head of IDC Models, commented, “IDC offers clients a unique model-making package; we have full access to the skills of IDC’s in-house design and engineering team in combination with our first-class model-making facilities, so our service can be tailor-made to suit the client. This project is a great example of how IDC works together to deliver an outstanding product.”

Early feedback about the models has been excellent. The first set of models have been installed in Germany where they have been sited in outdoor shopping centres and proved to be a big hit with the public.

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