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Kautex KCC15D medium scaled blow molding machine at CHINAPLAS 2011

Kautex KCC15D medium scaled blow molding machine at CHINAPLAS 2011      At CHINAPLAS 2011, Germany based Kautex Maschinenbau promoted its KCC15D,

a medium-scale blow molding machine that is especially suitable for producing beverage bottles.

The machine, which is designed as a double station, works with the latest extrusion blow-molding technology and is equipped with a six-fold die head in two layer DeCo configuration. A dedicated extruder for the outside-layer gives a constant optical picture and saves the use of masterbatches in the overall consumption. The inside-layer can be used for the flash from the process as well as from other applications without any effect on the bottle outlook.

The article conveyor system transfers the articles to a single exit point. Several additional peripheral devices are available on request, to further automate the production chain.

KCC15D is suitable for all conventional blow-molding materials and for making consumer packaging in sizes from 50ml to approximately 5L. During production, the articles will be checked by an automatic weight scale device, thus guaranteeing a constant quality. With a total of 12 cavities, the medium-size machine from the KCC series achieves a production rate of around 3,600 pieces per hour.

Single and double stationed machines KCC5, KCC10, KCC15, KCC20 and KCC25, and single stationed machine KCC30 are available. The machines can be equipped die head of 1 to 12 folds for producing bottles of one to six layers. Capacity of the bottles produced ranges from 5ml to 50L.


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