Gneuss shows the latest generation of MRS extrusion system

Gneuss brings to Shanghai the latest generation of its Multi Rotation System (MRS) extrusion technology.

In the manufacture of semi-finished products such as fibers or films, waste that can be recycled and reused as a raw material is repeatedly produced along the entire production chain. Reclaiming waste reduces the need for raw material and thereby saves on production costs.

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Gneuss shows the latest generation of MRS extrusion system

The German company Gneuss offers complete system solutions including size reduction, feeding and extrusion.

Depending on the quality of the material to be recycled, either a shredder or a cutting mill can be used to guarantee good dosing properties of the output material. This very light material is then either directly fed to the MRS Extruder by means of feeding components (stuffing screw) or a further processing step takes place for compacting the material before it is fed to the extruder.

Even fiber coated with spin finish oils and other contaminants and with a high residual moisture level can be fed directly into the extruder without any pre-treatment.

The material is plasticized, devolatilized and decontaminated in the extruder. Volatiles such as water or spin finish oils are extracted. Even when different moistures are employed the material’s intrinsic viscosity (IV) is highly consistent.

More than 50 MRS extruders, from the MRS 35 for 35kg/h to the MRS 200 for 2,000kg/h, are now in operation worldwide, mainly in sheet, fiber and re-pelletizing applications.

Thanks to the patented combination of single screw extruder with a multiple screw section, the extruder is sturdy and particularly well suited for recycling applications. It is recognized as one of the key technologies for processing PET reclaim without pre-drying, said Gneuss.

When processing recyclates, filtration is an important element for ensuring quality and economy. The company also shows a self-cleaning, process-constant and pressure-constant Rotary Filtration System RSFgenius 75 at its booth.