New plastic bottle design opens new market opportunities for UK drinks firm

Newly designed plastic bottle is opening new market opportunities and cost saving benefits for a company that traditionally uses glass for its products.

SHS Drinks, a UK manufacturer of soft and alcoholic drinks, approached M&H Plastics for the production of a new plastic bottle for its ‘bottlegreen’ beverages to be included in ‘meal deals’ supplied to retail giant, Waitrose.

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New plastic bottle design opens new market opportunities for UK drinks firm

The idea initially was for the plastic bottle to be a value-add item, included as a 50ml cordial served in a twin pack of 750ml sparkling pressés in glass bottles. However, having realised the cost saving potential, SHS believes the plastic version can now be used to open up new market opportunities for the company.

The company says this includes foodservice, transport markets (especially aviation) and ‘on the go’ ranges. It also says that their overall costs have been reduced by using the plastic design , with the lighter weight meaning more bottles can be put on pallets, reducing its distribution and logistics expenses.

“The new markets that this bottle has opened up will mean that bottlegreen will continue to benefit from an expanded market without sacrificing any quality or production and marketing issues,” commented Amanda Grabham, Marketing Director, Soft Drinks, at SHS.

The PET bottles were developed, tooled, moulded and finished by M&H Plastics at its Beccles plant working closely with SHS Group’s fillers and marketing department.