AMI, Bristol, 21/01/21 – A new report from AMI Consulting published inDecember 2020 quantifies and analyses the global palletisation films marketand examines the most recent industry dynamics.

In the last thirty years, palletisation films have been one of the successstories of the global plastics and packaging industry. Strong demand from awide range of customer industries, combined with a real competitiveadvantage against other forms of pallet stabilisation, has resulted insustained growth in the developed, more mature markets and acceleratinggrowth in other regions.

independent assessment of this industry in times of uncertainty as a directresult of the Covid-19 pandemic. The report quantifies demand andthe result of an extensive research programme, providing a detailedproduction of pallet stretch wrap, shrink hoods and stretch hoods in eachworld region with a five-year forecast. It examines polymer demand andinter-material competition as well as the industry structure and latestdevelopments of major global palletisation film producers.The market has matured in Western Europe and North America (USA inparticular),

resulting in lower growth rates and a strong focus oncustomised technical innovation. Higher growth rates are projected for themarkets of Asia & Australasia, Africa, and even Central & South Americadespite the economic struggle the key countries like Argentina and Brazilhave been enduring. These promising growth rates mean great opportunitiesto all industry players in these regions. What is required are robust andsustainable strategies to exploit the growing market potential.

Most recently, the dynamics characterising the pallet stretch wrap tradearena have been influenced by a boost in polymer production capacity in theUnited States, a surge in local consumption in developing nations driven byinvestments in the retail, infrastructure and construction sectors, as wellas fluctuations in exchange rates which have been affecting thecompetitiveness and cost structures of some regions.

The adoption of stretch hoods is becoming increasingly attractive for awider range of transported goods at the expense of shrink hoods. As thecost of wrapping machinery decreases because of higher competition from newentrants, and the wrap cost per pallet reduces as a result of thinner andstronger films, it is expected that stretch hoods will continue penetratingmore than the spiral pallet wrap applications used by major customers.

This comprehensive study builds on and expands AMI’s successful reportsrelated to the palletisation industry and aims to help industry players: – Evaluate growth dynamics – Identify emerging opportunities – Understand market constraints and competitive pressures – Assess latest developments in resin formulation – Appreciate the degree of penetration of recycled and bio-material innovations – Formulate coherent and robust business plans.

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