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Viroflay, France, 16 October 2014 – For Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection, this year’s Emballage (17-20 November 2014 in Paris) is all about speed. Appropriately, the company’s guiding theme for its booth (Hall 5a, Stand D035) will be Formula 1, highlighting the pace that their latest innovations can work at. With new launches in metal detection, checkweighing, x-ray inspection, vision systems and management information system software, Mettler-Toledo will showcase a range of products and services that enables manufacturers to consistently produce high quality, safe products at high throughput rates. Profile Advantage, a new metal detector, for example, allows manufacturers to significantly minimise the number of false rejects from 40 to 1 per hour, resulting in a reduced operational time. In addition, Mettler-Toledo will also present the C3000 System, a checkweighing platform that can control up to 600 products per minute, and a better accuracy of up to 33%.

injection moulding Machine
Full speed ahead with Mettler-Toledo at Emballage

“As food and pharmaceutical manufacturers continue to look for ways to enhance their productivity, our latest innovations support them in enabling high throughput rates rather than slowing down production processes. With our Formula 1 themed booth at the Emballage trade show, we want to make manufacturers aware of the speed that our state-of-the-art product inspection technology can facilitate”, explained Eric Bertrand, product manager at Mettler-Toledo France. “Visitors will also get a chance to examine our latest product inspection systems at the stand and learn more about how they can help them to ensure process efficiency, reduce total costs of ownership and guarantee long-term operational efficiency.”

For the first time ever, Mettler-Toledo will present its new Safelinemetal detector Profile Advantage. Utilising pioneering multi-simultaneous frequency technology, the Profile Advantage helps food manufacturers overcome the ‘product effect’, the false electrical signal emitted by foods with a high moisture or salt content. A true innovation in product inspection, the new metal detector offers 50 per cent greater detection sensitivity than that of standard systems – irrespective of packaging materials. This heightened sensitivity ensures that the Profile Advantage finds more metal than traditional systems in challenging applications such as wet, warm or chilled food by virtually eliminating the active product signal.

As a result, manufacturers of meat and poultry, dairy, bread, ready meals and metallised film packaged products can considerably minimise waste and reduce operating time. In addition, visitors will also have a chance to examine the Tablex-Pro metal detection system which allows pharmaceutical manufacturers to strengthen compliance while improving product safety and productivity. Tablex-PRO’s unique Condition Monitoring feature contributes to the prevention of unscheduled downtime and increases process efficiency. It continually assesses the system’s performance and provides advanced warning of problems that could potentially cause downtime allowing manufacturers to resolve issues when offline, therefore boosting productivity.

extrusion machineFrom its comprehensive product range of checkweighers, Mettler-Toledo Garvens will exhibit two of its latest advancements. With theXS2 MV TE, Emballage visitors can take a closer look at a new pharmaceutical combination system, offering serialisation mark and vision, tamper evident sealing and checkweighing in one fully enclosed unit. The system was developed in close co-operation with world leading pharmaceutical companies to provide a solution with a high degree of operational flexibility. The pharmaceutical industry’s growing demand for easier line clearance and faster product changeovers calls for space saving and compact combination solutions. The XS2 MV TE meets these requirements by merging four key industry technologies and thus is one of the most compact and complete serialisation and checkweighing solutions on the market.

The second checkweighing innovation at Mettler-Toledo’s booth will be the C3000 System, a modular platform that offers improved weighing accuracy and high throughput rates and is available in a large variety of configurations. The advanced stability of the new C3000 System provides protection against vibrations caused by other production line machinery and offers higher weighing accuracy by up to 33%. As such, it supports manufacturers to improve overall equipment effectiveness and reduce total costs of ownership.

Mettler-Toledo’s booth will also showcase a number of innovations in x-ray inspection. Both the X33 and the X36 Series are part of Mettler-Toledo Safeline X-Ray’s next generation inspection technology, offering up to five times more detection sensitivity than standard systems while using up to just a fifth of power. While the X33 Series systems are designed for handling small and medium packaged food and pharmaceutical products, the X36 Series also inspects large products for contaminants such as glass and metal fragments, calcified bone, mineral stone and high-density plastic. Both these series of adaptable product inspections systems use the most advanced x-ray imaging technology on the market to reliably remove miniscule contaminants. At the same time, they are capable of performing product integrity checks, from inspecting the mass of complex products to the seal integrity on single or multi-lane applications, without compromising the throughput rate and process efficiency.  With a choice of optional features, the systems can be customised specifically to the nature and format of the packaged products being scanned ensuring quality and safety at all times, future-proofing the initial technology investment.

plastics news indiaFor manufacturers in need of vision inspection technology, Mettler-Toledo CI-Vision will present the V6300 system which is designed to combine thorough inspection with maximum production throughput. This adaptable vision solution supports up to five cameras and powerful software that can perform multiple inspections of a target package simultaneously – including outside and inner diameter, ovality, gross formation defects, label positioning, label quality, closure application, fill level, 1D and 2D bar codes, graphical presence and quality, plus the presence and verification of alphanumeric codes. In addition, the V6300 quickly adapts to higher speeds and product changeovers to ensure that 100% of the products leaving a facility have been inspected for defects. Furthermore, Mettler-Toledo CI-Vision will also showcase itsMosaic Series for the fast, accurate inspection of labels on round, un-oriented products. The Mosaic serves as a quality control solution for manufacturers of fast-moving consumer goods as it detects label defects including missing or incorrect information, offering high flexibility to adjust to variations in product position and packaging material. Its high detection sensitivity allows producers to reduce the number of false rejects caused by faulty calibration and poor image quality. With an easy setup procedure, it also enables manufacturers to reduce downtime during product changeovers.

Visitors of the Mettler-Toledo booth at Emballage will also be able to see the new CV3770 model which combines the weighing accuracy benefits of the C3000 System series of checkweighers with the latest vision inspection technology. The CV3770 has been designed specifically for the consumer product industry to ensure correct labelling of packs of varying widths and heights and check the best-before date, lot number and barcode at high throughput rates and utmost precision

Finally, the new Shipping Case Station 3.0 (SCS) of Mettler-Toledo’s pharmaceutical packaging line Pharmacontrol Electronic GmbH (PCE) will be on display at the stand. The SCS supports pharmaceutical manufacturers with the aggregation of shipping cases within the Track & Trace process, facilitating transparency in the packaging process of medicine, drugs and other pharmaceutical products. A high-resolution camera reads 1D and 2D codes on all single items or labels of a complete shipping case, even in multiple layers. The SCS records the allocation of the carton to the shipping case and registers all information in an external database via PCE’s Pilot Line Manager software. With this innovative technology, pharmaceutical companies can optimise their track and trace management and ensure quick and reliable tracking of their products as well as high process safety.

In addition to its latest product inspection machines, Mettler-Toledo will also demonstrate the various functions of its data management software ProdX. The software allows for an integrated management of x-ray inspection, metal detection and checkweighing technologies. It connects data from multiple systems and enables central monitoring from any location for new levels of data transparency and accessibility, improved process efficiency and faster response times. Data can be analysed and presented in a range of standard report templates, thus simplifying the documentation process necessary for complying with food safety standards and regulations.

About Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection
Mettler-Toledo Safeline is the world’s leading supplier of metal detection and x-ray inspection solutions for the food and pharmaceutical industries. Together with Garvens Checkweighing, CI-Vision and Pharmacontrol Electronic GmbH (PCE), Mettler-Toledo Safeline forms the Product Inspection division of Mettler-Toledo.

Mettler-Toledo develops, produces and markets precision instruments worldwide. The company is one of the largest suppliers of weighing and quality control systems in the world, whose products are used in laboratories as well as industrial processing and food retailing applications. Renowned producers of all conceivable everyday products rely on Mettler-Toledo’s technology as an important aid to delivering consistent product quality and innovative developments. These producers reap the benefits of the company’s global presence and sales and service network.

Mettler-Toledo’s corporate philosophy centres around high-quality standard and tailored solutions. The company forms a true partnership with its customers providing support during the selection of appropriate systems and working together to develop unique solutions which increase process efficiency, reduce overall manufacturing costs and improve competitiveness.

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