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Engel unveils fully electric injection molding machine for closure cap production

Austria injection molding machine manufacturer Engel has unveiled the E-cap, a fully electric solution for the production of closure caps.


The Engel e-cap 420 takes its high-performance genes from Engel’s e-motion series, which has proven itself over many years to provide fully electric efficiency, with a robust 5-point toggle lever clamping unit to ensure fast, dynamic and high-precision movements, high plasticizing capacity and intelligent Engel CC 200 high-performance control.

Together with a series of sophisticated features such as the latest powerful, injection unit and fast closing drive, the fully electric machine claims to be able to produce 130,000 closure caps per hour, with 96 cavities and a cycle time of 2.7 seconds. It also allows for a good control on production costs. “The machine is extremely energy-efficient, has low cooling water requirements and offers an impressive level of reliability. All in all this keeps production costs at a modest level,” said Walter Jungwirth, Head of the Packaging business unit at Engel.

According to the company’s statement, the e-cap is the only fully electric solution for closure cap production on the market.

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