Revolution, a sustainable plastic solutions manufacturer located in Little Rock, has acquired Jadcore, LLC to expand its closed-loop manufacturing capabilities and further penetrate the Midwest market with environmentally-friendly plastic products and services.

Jadcore was founded over 40 years ago in Terre Haute, Indiana, by the Doti family with a vertically integrated manufacturing platform focused on recapturing and recycling post-industrial plastic waste, which it supplies to other manufacturers as an economical alternative to virgin materials.

In addition, Jadcore manufactures can liners and specialty bags made from post-industrial recycled (PIR) resin. The company is one of the largest independent producers of PIR resin in the Midwest, and its operations include comprehensive recycling services, proprietary blending and processing, as well as blown film products for institutional and retail markets made with PIR resin.

Headquartered in Little Rock, Revolution has been manufacturing closed-loop, high-performance plastic solutions for over 20 years. Through its recycling and manufacturing system, Revolution offers a wide array of blown film products to the agriculture, construction, foodservice and retail sectors. The company then recovers and processes customers’ used plastic to create post-consumer recycled (PCR) resin, which is made into new products such as trash can liners, carryout bags and construction films or sold in resin form to businesses looking to add recycled content to their own product supply chain.

Revolution was acquired by Arsenal Capital Partners in 2019.

“Jadcore has built an exceptional business rooted in sustainable solutions, best-in-class production capabilities, outstanding product quality and world-class customer service. Our shared values create an exciting opportunity for collaboration, and we feel very fortunate to welcome the Jadcore team to our Revolution family,” said Sean Whiteley, Revolution’s CEO.

“We look forward to working together, learning from their expertise and helping to contribute to their future growth and success. We are confident this merger will strengthen our combined ability to serve new end markets and deliver closed-loop collections, recycling services and manufacturing solutions rich in recycled content,” Whiteley added.

“Our focus has been on providing high-quality recycling solutions to the plastics industry since the day my parents started the business in 1974,” said Rob Doti, President of Jadcore. “As the fourth president of the company – succeeding two brothers and my father – it’s truly been a family affair. With our exceptional team of employees we’re proud to say we have recycled over 2 billion pounds of plastic scrap since our beginning.”

“Our long-term growth strategy has always been to expand into post-consumer recycling, and the opportunity to combine forces with Revolution is an ideal fit. We are excited to expand the capabilities at our Terre Haute operation, provide more opportunities for our team members and remain a vital part of the Terre Haute manufacturing community,” Doti added.

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