Evonik expands Polyurethanes Technical Center in Americana (SP)

Evonik expands Polyurethanes Technical Center in Americana (SP)
Evonik expands Polyurethanes Technical Center in Americana (SP)
Evonik expands Polyurethanes Technical Center in Americana (SP)

Evonik, a global leader in specialty chemicals, has made significant investments in Polyurethanes Technical Centre South America, located in Americana (SP), who will benefit, in particular, manufacturers of foams for the production of mattresses.

Faced with the new requirements of ABNT NBR 13579-1 and ABNT NBR 13579-2, relating to the manufacture of mattresses and mats of flexible polyurethane foam, which will take effect from August 2013, the sector is now available, a technological structure and complete professional as supporting current needs of foamers.

Directed customers to the South American region, the Technical Centre for Polyurethanes doubled in size and gained two new equipment 1m ³ in formats square and cylindrical, which enable faithful reproduction of the production process of foams and identify the best formulation to achieve the questions of the new standards, and to facilitate sampling of foams for tests with high quality.

The facilities are available for the entire industry of polyurethane, are customers, distributors, manufacturers of raw materials, machinery and other partners of Evonik. “The company’s customers now have a pilot plant for its developments, which gives better results at a lower cost and in less time,” said Luiz Roberto, Manager of Evonik Polyurethanes.

Complete Technical Services

The Polyurethanes Technical Centre South America has, among its functions, evaluate and suggest applications of the products offered by Evonik. For this, conducts studies and comparative formulations, unique to each client, leading to improvement of products aimed at the segment of flexible foams, used in furniture and mattresses. Laboratory personnel participate in the projects of the matrix, in Germany, and serve customers in South America and Central America, as well as support the company’s global projects.

Among the services offered are training, custom designs, reproduction processes, problem solving, evaluation of physical properties, infrastructure support and technical reports for laboratory professionals. Thus, Evonik’s customers can count on trained teams, best cost / benefit of their products, reduce losses and costs and more efficiency in tests and processes.


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