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DME Launches Line of EXK Keyed Ejector Pins to Accommodate Thicker Plates

DME Launches Line of EXK Keyed Ejector Pins to Accommodate Thicker Plates
DME Launches Line of EXK Keyed Ejector Pins to Accommodate Thicker Plates
DME Launches Line of EXK Keyed Ejector Pins to Accommodate Thicker Plates

Madison Heights, Mich. – DME Company, a leading manufacturer of mold technologies, has introduced a line of EXK Keyed Ejector Pins in response to customer demand for a wider range of sizes. The overall DME Keyed Pins line, including its existing THXK Keyed Pins offering, is now doubled in size, and has lengths up to 25 inches, to better meet the needs of molders using thick plates.

Keyed pins are designed to prevent rotation during the injection molding process. Precision DME machining creates the “key” on the head of the pin to hold the pin in place, eliminating damage to the parts being molded or even to the mold base itself. “The pre-keyed pins eliminate the need for secondary machining, saving customers time and expense,” said John Harding, DME Manager, Global Sourcing. “Many customers have been requesting pins that can be used in thicker plates, and we’ve responded with new sizes.”

Made from superior quality thermal shock-resisting hotwork steel, DME keyed pins are ideal for use in high-temperature applications. On the Rockwell hardness scale, the core of the pins measures a hardness of 40-45HRC. Outside diameter is nitrided to 65-74 HRC. These high scores show that DME Keyed Ejector Pins withstand the stress presented by industrial use. “We know our pins are used in a lot of very demanding environments, not just for plastics injection, but in industries like die casting as well,” said Harding. “As with all our products, we make them tough, durable and able to handle even the most rugged applications.”

Pins are now available in 1/8- to 1-inch diameters and 6- to 25- inch lengths in both the EXK and THXK Keyed Pins lines.

EXK Keyed Pins Features

  • Annealed hot forged head provides uniform grain and high tensile strength
  • Made from H-13 steel
  • Precision machined flat
  • Standard EX pin tolerances

Nitrided to 65 – 74 HRC

  • EXK Keyed Pins Benefits
  • 40 – 45 HRC core allows for drilling, tapping and detail work
  • Keyed head keeps detail work facing the same direction at all times
  • 21 sizes available in lengths up to 25”

About DME
DME Company is an essential mold technologies resource to customers worldwide. Through aggressive new product development, global product standardization and a powerful combination of in-house manufacturing centers of excellence and strategic global partnerships, DME is helping customers succeed in changing times. The company’s standard-setting, comprehensive product line  including hot runner systems; control systems; mold bases and components; mold making and molding supplies; and cold runner systems for elastomers — is backed by expert technical service every step of the way. DME also manufactures and sells standard tooling for the die-casting industry.

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