Composites and Polyurethanes Workshops are new attractions at FEIPLAR COMPOSITES & FEIPUR 2014


On 10th November, one day before FEIPLAR COMPOSITES & FEIPUR opening, it will be organized Composites and Polyurethanes Workshops, with the aim of solving technical doubts the processors face every day while manufacturing their composites or polyurethane parts.


Many of these doubts were informed during a survey conducted with more than 14.000 processors all over South America in the last 10 months (about 950 processors sent their answers). Standards, recycling, market competitiveness, correct raw material application, improvement in process and many other items were mentioned in the survey and will be discussed during the workshops.

Solutions for these doubts will be presented by the exhibitors of the show. More information: or email: 


This year, it will be held the eighth edition of FEIPLAR COMPOSITES & FEIPUR – International Exhibition and Conference on Composites, Polyurethane and Engineered Plastics at Expo Center Norte (Green Hall), in São Paulo, SP, Brazil, from 11th to 13th November.

More than 15.000 visitors from about 30 countries are expected. In 2012, last edition of the show, 14.500 professionals from all over Latin America visited the event. To present new technologies to all these visitors, more than 300 exhibitors companies are expected too (in 2012, 280 companies exhibited their products and services).

Besides the exhibition, it will be held several simultaneous events:

1)      SAMPE BRASIL Conference (about 10 lectures)

2)      Composites Conference (about 10 lectures)

3)      Polyurethane Conference (about 16 lectures)

4)      Engineered Plastic Compounds Conference (about 8 lectures)

5)      Industrial Seminars – automotive, building, wind energy, marine, thermal insulation, automated processes, aerospace, flexible foams, harsh environment and nanotechnology (about 60 lectures)

6)      Technical Demos (about 20 sections)

7)      Student Project (special university actions)

8)      Composites Workshop + Polyurethane Workshop (technical courses) on 10th November 2014 (one day before the show opening)

9)      Three areas totally dedicated to finished parts: Building, Automotive and Industrial Applications

10)   Bridge Contest – SAMPE BRASIL

All these actions are really necessary since composites, polyurethane and engineered plastics markets are growing all over South America. These markets have been facing importante growth in the past years and show interesting perspectives for the next years too.

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