The fifth European edition of AMI’s *Conductive Plastics* conference willfocus on the latest developments in the formulation, processing, andapplication of electrically and thermally conductive thermoplastics. Itwill bring together an audience of OEM engineers, product designers,processors, compounders, and additive producers.

As electronics continue to penetrate further into everyday products, demandfor high performance conductive plastics is growing fast. AMI’s *ConductivePlastics* conference provides an opportunity to learn more about marketdemands, available solutions, formulation, and processing challenges.

Speakers at the 2021 event include experts drawn from leading technologydevelopers in this area, including specialists from 3M Technical Ceramics,Cabot, Croda Europe, C-Therm Technologies, Georg H Luh, Grafe, Graphmatech,HPF The Mineral Engineers, Huber Martinswerk, Imerys, Lanxess, Lati, MocomCompounds, Raschig, Witcom Engineering Plastics and ZB

The 2021 event takes place at the Sofitel Bayerpost Hotel in Munich,Germany, on 23-24 November 2021 and is co-located with AMI’s *PerformancePolyamides*, which immediately precedes it.

The full *Conductive Plastics* programme can be found here:

The *Performance Polyamides* programme can be found here:

For further information about either event, please contact Emily Timney,Conference Organiser, on Tel: +44 117 314 8111 or mailto:[email protected] <%[email protected]>

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