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Clear PET bottles help UK supermarket promote premium flavorings

Crystal clear PET bottles from RPC Containers Blackburn are used in the latest additions of UK supermarket Sainsbury’s biggest own-brand product – Taste the Difference flavorings.


RPC group is a leading supplier of rigid plastic packaging in Europe, with manufacturing operations in 11 countries of the EU and in the US. Recently, Sainsbury’s has launched the latest additions to its Taste the Difference range of premium flavorings in a custom 43.5ml PET bottle manufactured at RPC Containers Blackburn.

The bottle, produced for flavoring manufacturer Food Innovation, is being used for a new range of premium food extracts for home backing and flavoring. While its clear appearance highlights the vibrant colors of the contents, it is lightweight and shatterproof, making it easy and safe to use in the kitchen.

Kevin Rushton, Senior Partner at Food Innovation, added: “The excellent clarity of the bottle means these high-quality extracts are clearly identifiable on the shelf. We know there’s a growing market for home baking products such as these, and consumers who buy the range are looking for quality. It was important, therefore, that the packaging from RPC matched that ethos.”

Relaunched in autumn 2010, the Taste the Difference range is Sainsbury’s biggest ever investment in its own-brand products.


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