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Holliday Pigments to showcase improved ultramarine pigments at CHINAPLAS 2011

Holliday Pigments, a worldwide supplier of ultramarine pigments inside Rockwood Color Pigments, has recently improved its manufacturing process to enable the production pigments for taste and taint free plastics free packaging.

In the forthcoming CHINAPLAS 2011, Holliday Pigments will showcase its Ultramarine Premier BC plastics range, of which the Premier BC for still water and BC-R for carbonated soft drinks have been widely used in Europe.

Under extreme moulding conditions where the pigment is exposed to high temperatures and shear rates, incorrect grade selection could lead to sulphur taint issues in certain beverages. However, independent tests showed that Holliday Pigments’ Premier range offered no difference in taste between water exposed to Premier BC and unpigmented control sample.

Meanwhile, the Premier BC-R which is made from silica encapsulated Ultramarine, is specifically designed to hold carbonated drinks and fruit juices that have an acidic pH. The pigment is impervious to acidic attack, therefore allowing the drinks to be odor and taint free.

As an inorganic pigment, Ultramarine is especially suited for coloring closures because its composition will not affect the dimensional stability of plastic mouldings as some organic pigments can. This means that closures will not shrink or warp and are therefore more effective in maintaining a tight seal.

“Our Asian customer base is starting to see the benefits of specifying raw materials that have been processed in such a way that minimizes their organoleptic effects in food contact applications as this allows them to offer new packaging options at the premium end of the market – designer bottled drinks, for example.” said Holliday Pigments’ Asia Pacific Sales and Marketing Manager, Matthew Nicholson.


Source : www.adsalecprj.com

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