Board Member Matthias Kaufmann leaves the RKW Group

Frankenthal, August 7, 2017 – Matthias Kaufmann, Member of the Executive Management Board of the RKW Group, has decided not to renew his existing contract due to differing views concerning the strategic direction of the company. He will leave the RKW Group on August 31, 2017 on mutually amicable terms with the Supervisory Board and the Executive Management Board.

Since 1998, Matthias Kaufmann has held a variety of positions in the Group. In 2010 as Vice President, he took responsibility for the Consumer Packaging business. In January 2013, he was appointed to the Executive Management Board and since then has headed the Division Packaging as well as the central functions Sales, Marketing & Communications as well as Sustainability and R&D.

Between 2009 and 2013, Kaufmann was responsible for the setting-up of the production plant RKW Egypt, which laid the cornerstone for the company’s expansion in the Middle East. Under his stewardship, the packaging business was strengthened and the product portfolio optimized. He drove the expansion of the Site in Vietnam and by transferring technologies also created the basis for further growth in South-East Asia.

As a Member of the Board, Mr. Kaufmann played a significant role in the development of the company’s RKW 2025 strategy as well as the increase in the Group’s operating profits since 2012.

“We regret Mr. Kaufmann’s decision and thank him for his long and successful work for the company and wish him all the best for his private and professional future,” says Dr. Rudolf Wehrli, Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

For more information about RKW, please visit:


The RKW Group

The RKW Group is an independent, family-owned company headquartered in Frankenthal, Germany and one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of excellent film solutions. RKW is the market leader in the areas of hygiene and agricultural films, films for the beverage industry and packaging for powdery goods. In addition, the company makes films and nonwovens for medical applications, for the chemical and converting industries as well as for the construction sector. RKW’s sustainable films enable its customers to improve the daily life of consumers all over the world.

In the fiscal year 2016, RKW generated total sales of EUR 902 million. About 3,000 employees process 380,000 tonnes of plastic materials at more than 20 locations around the world. True to the corporate slogan “When excellence matters”, the company, which was founded in 1957, offers outstanding performance in terms of quality and service. Respect and reliability are the core values of RKW and form the basis of the company’s success.

Press Contact



Dr. Susanne Herchner

Manager Corporate Marketing & Communications

Nachtweideweg 1-7

67227 Frankenthal / Deutschland

T +49-(0)-6233-8709-139


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Will I go back with my ex boyfriend even though we both correlate with someone else right now But we went out for 6 months and we were really in love?

No do not turn back. most definitely, The past will repeat and you will see that yourself in the same situation you are in now. I have no clue why you two broke up, But since you two went your separate ways you were never in love. subsequently after, A break up or precious time apart, People tend to think of only the good things and leave out the bad. I challenge you to tell your friends completely, The find out more

I love someone but he doesn be interested in or talk to me any more how can I forget him it has been 4 months and I can not get over it. at some point I cry. It enacted my work and stduy. We come together?

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If the man you’re seeing of three months breaks up with you because he is in the army and going away for 10 months is that a legitimate reason or does he not really love you?

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Оперативно произведем осмотр, дефектовку, самовывоз. TradeIn – замена старого комплекта опалубки на новый.
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Главный сервис Я. такси Самара позволяет людям вызвать машину когда и куда угодно. Произвести заказ машины можно позвонив оператору, через сайт Я.такси, воспользоваться мобильным сервисом. Вам нужно назвать ваш номер сотового, местоположение, время когда нужна авто.

Заказывают такси вместе с детским авто креслом для перевозки деток, вечером после встреч лучше всего прибегнуть к Я. такси, чем, например, сесть в машину нетрезвым, в аэропорт или на вокзал удобнее пользоваться такси и не думать где разместить свой транспорт. Оплата осуществляется безналичным или наличным платежом. Время прибытия Я. такси составляет от 3 до семи мин в среднем.

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Для работы в такси владельцу автомобиля надо зарегистрироваться лично и автомобиль, все это займёт не более 5 минут. Процент агрегатора составит не свыше 30 процентов. Вы можете без проблем получать зарплату когда вам нужно. У вас всегда обязательно будут заказы. В случае проблем можно установить связь с постоянно работающей службой поддержки. Яндекс такси даёт возможность гражданам быстро доехать до нужного места. Заказывая современное Яндекс такси вы получите шикарный сервис в г. Самара.

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