Reifenhäuser benefits from rising living standard in China

Eberhard Wenger, Director of Sales and Service, Reifenhäuser Plastic Machinery (Suzhou) Co. Ltd, also feels that the market this year is a bit slower than 2014.

“People seem to be concerned with the economic development in China,” he observed. “While for the big projects, there is difficulty in organizing the financing.”

According to Mr Wenger, Reifenhäuser had a very good performance in China last year, with five cast film lines for service protection currently under installation.

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Reifenhäuser benefits from rising living standard in China

The future is bright for foreign machinery suppliers like Reifenhäuser, he said, because “the quality demand from our customers’ customers is increasing, which brings pressure on the film lines as local machines are not able to achieve that kind of quality in certain applications. ”

The change occurs as the living standard in China improved. For example, people are buying from supermarkets more often than local markets, increasing the demand for packaging films as a result. Growing diapers consumption is also driving the blown film market forward.

In addition to barrier films and surface protection films, Mr Wenger pointed out that agricultural film for greenhouse applications is also a huge market in China. “We are installing two very big agriculture lines in Shenyang.”

For these kinds of high-end applications, Reifenhäuser has developed a new flattening unit – EVOLUTION ULTRA FLAT to improve the flatness of the film, thereby gaining better speed in printing and lamination.

While in the past, flattening units were arranged just in front of the winder, EVOLUTION ULTRA FLAT is installed in the upstream, between the haul-off nip roll assembly and turner bar system. Flattening via stretching is significantly improved since the melt is still not fully crystallized at this point.