Margins pressure persist for plastics, volatile prices bite

Margin compression remains a major concern for Kenanga Investment Bank Bhd’s resarch firm (Kenanga Research) in its review of Malaysia’s plastics and packaging industry. The group in a note yesterday remained cautious over the volatile raw material prices, the variability of favourable product mix and higher operating expenses that has caused margin compressions in recent […]

Businesses uncertain about implementation of plastics ban

There is growing uncertainty among business operators about the implementation of the impending ban on certain plastics. Come January 1, the ban will apply to the importation, manufacture, distribution and use of single-use plastic bags, plastic straws and styrofoam products. William Mahfood, Chairman of Wisynco Group, says the authorities have failed to effectively communicate with […]

Plastic Injection Molding Consumption Industry Report – Market Forecast, CAGR, and Competitor Market Share 2018 to 2025

Global Plastic Injection Molding Consumption Market elaborates the complete details covering product definition, product type, key companies, and application. The report covers useful details which are categorized based on Plastic Injection Molding Consumption production region, major players, and product type which will provide a simplified view of the Plastic Injection Molding Consumption industry. The Plastic […]

Sea-weed eating microbes used to develop sustainable plastics Jerusalem

So bottles, packaging and bags create plastic ‘continents’ in the oceans, endanger animals and pollute the environment,” said Alexander Golberg from Tel Aviv University in Israel. Scientists have developed biodegradable plastics derived from microorganisms that feed on seaweed which produces zero toxic waste and can be recycled into organic waste. According to the United Nations, […]

Trending: BASF, Coca-Cola, EC Break New Ground on Plastics Recycling

Continuing this year’s wave of near-constant innovations aimed at responsible management of post-consumer plastics are new advancements from both the private and public sector. BASF making products with chemically recycled plastics BASF announced it has broken new ground in plastic waste recycling with its ChemCycling project. Chemical recycling provides an innovative way to reutilize currently […]

Disposable Plastic Blood Bag Market Outlook – Latest Development And Market Trends 2018-2023

Disposable Plastic Blood Bag Market Report gives the information in detail the industry dynamics of the global Disposable Plastic Blood Bag Industry. The Market dynamics consists of the Opportunities, Trends and Challenges that are effective for the global Disposable Plastic Blood Bag Industry. Another section of the report lists the Global Market by material type, […]