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Global pigment sales reaches 9.7 million tons per year, reports Ceresana

Global pigment sales reaches 9.7 million tons per year, reports Ceresana

According to Ceresana’s fourth market research on the market for pigments, global sales amounted to 9.7 million tons per year. The most important sales market in 2014 was the production of paints and varnishes which accounted for 45% of total demand. Processing of pigments in plastics ranked second at a considerable distance, followed by theRead More

Plastic Recycling Start-Up Looks to Change India’s Recycling Culture

India has been referred to as the world’s trash can. Harsh for certain, but if you type in the words ‘India’ and ‘Trash,’ plenty of disturbing Google images of kids playing in trash will pop up. And unlike some fake images that try to depict plastic waste (such as some of those viral fish ones),Read More

Thin wall packaging industry undergoes structural changes, says AMI Consulting

A recent report from AMI Consulting pinpointed that in recent years thin wall packaging has become a space of dynamic structural changes in the rigid plastics market. Thin wall packaging is a large and relatively stable market in Europe, with the consumption of 3.1 million tons of polymer in 2015, according to the report. TheRead More

Paid Plastic Bags to Start on February 2016, Prices Yet to be Set

TEMPO, Jakarta – The paid plastic bags program is scheduled to start on February 21, 2016. The program will be initiated in an effort to reduce plastic waste. As the program comes into force in the future, modern retail stores must charge a certain fee to customers wishing to use plastic bags. Regarding the priceRead More

Global plastic additives market to reach US$64.6 bln by 2021

The global plastic additives market is expected to reach US$ 64.6 Bn by 2021, as per BCC Research. The growing market demand for products made of polyvinyl chloride has spurred demand for the plasticizers used in PVC formulation. BCC Research reveals in its new report that phthalates, the most widely used plasticizer, accounts for aboutRead More

Platts: global petrochemical prices dropped 1.1% in December

Prices in the global petrochemicals market in December, expressed as a monthly average, were US$796 per metric ton (/mt), down 1.1% or US$9 per mt, from November’s average, according to the just-released monthly Platts Global Petrochemical Index (PGPI). Prices also closed the month on a low note, with an end-of-month closing physical price that wasRead More

January expectations diverge in global polyolefin markets

As reported on www.ChemOrbis.com, global polyolefin markets ended 2015 in the midst of fluctuating energy costs, stagnant trade given the year end book closures, holidays and slower economies. PP and PE markets in Turkey, the Middle East and Africa closed the year on a weak note with initial fresh offers coming lower. Prices in ChinaRead More

SE Asian PP buyers anticipate further discounts in January

PP buyers in Southeast Asia are keeping to the sidelines in anticipation of seeing further discounts in January after the New Year holidays in spite of the fact that PP prices remain at multi-year lows, according to data from ChemOrbis Price Index, which shows that import homo- PP prices on a CFR Southeast Asia basisRead More