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Zahoransky presents Z.Lion machine series for brush and broom production

Germany-based brush machines maker Zahoransky AG presented the Z.Lion machines for versatile brush and broom production, its press

release said on October 18.

The Z.Lion drilling and tufting machines offer high tufting speeds of up to 1,200 tufts per minute with a smooth and low-wear operation, said the company. From economical single version to fully automated twin-design continuous production unit, all Z.Lion models are energy-efficient can be operated easily and clearly. They are also compact in size.

Output and degrees of automation of the Z.Lion series can be adjusted according to requirements. A variety of brush and broom models can be produced with numerous options and short set-up times, Zahoransky stated. Entry level is the manually operated Z.Lion drilling and tufting machine with four to five axes. With two clamping devices and an output of 450 tufts per minute, it is suited for the production of brushes, brooms, cylinders and WC brushes.

As further introduced, the fully automated twin-design machine provides maximum output. The modern five-axis CNC control allows flexibility, as well as time and money saving production sequences. Short set-up times also contribute to production efficiency. In one operating cycle, brush lengths of up to 600mm can be produced. A connected handling system takes over the loading and unloading of the tufting machine as well as the transfer of the tufted brushes into the coupled trimming machine.

All Z.Lion models are suitable for the processing of natural, nylon and wire filaments, said Zahoransky. Quick-change clamping plates enable fast and easy changing of brush styles. Servicing and programming is simple and clear with the Brush designer software coupled with the latest control and visualization ZMI3.


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