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Milacron Displays Industry’s Largest Co-Injection Servo Hybrid Machine at Open House

Milacron Displays Industry’s Largest Co-Injection Servo Hybrid Machine at Open House
Milacron Displays Industry’s Largest Co-Injection Servo Hybrid Machine at Open House
Milacron Displays Industry’s Largest Co-Injection Servo Hybrid Machine at Open House

Batavia, Ohio – April 17, 2013 – Milacron, an industry leading plastics machinery manufacturer, and Bemis Manufacturing, one of the largest U.S. injection molders, will be showcasing their latest co-injection machine technology collaboration at Milacron’s 2013 Open House, April 24-25. Milacron and Bemis Manufacturing worked together to create the industry’s largest Servo Hybrid co-injection machine – the 1,500-ton MAXIMA Servo, which will be running throughout the Open House. Through close collaboration, the companies created the industry’s most versatile multi-component Servo machine, with seven unique process capabilities.

“After seeing our Maxima Servo platform at NPE2012, Bemis recognized the value of combining co-injection and servo technology,” said Jim Moore, VP Automotive Business at Milacron. “Bemis’s deep-rooted commitment to zero waste and energy conservation aligns perfectly with the Maxima’s efficient servo motor technology, which uses less than half the energy of a comparable 1,500-ton hydraulic press.” Milacron’s co-injection design is optimal for custom and captive molding due to its high versatility and ability to run a multitude of processes on a single platform. The system can be configured for sequential or simultaneous injection (combining injection capacities for large part production), stack molding, multi-component and co-injection, as well as other advanced processes.

Co-injection (or encapsulation) can improve environmental sustainability and reduce costs by making it possible to include recycled or reground resin; technical grades of resin with material properties to improve part characteristics such as sound deadening or cold weather impact strength; or more economical material in the core with another material molded over top for aesthetics. Together, Milacron and Bemis Manufacturing have a long history of innovation, which includes the joint development of their first co-injection machine. They have also teamed up to build a 6,600-ton co-injection machine.

Other advanced machine technologies in operation at Milacron’s open house include:

  • The all-new ELEKTRON 400 and 500 with the new Endura Touch control
  • A ROBOSHOT 55 demonstrating LSR molding
  • F-Series 160 hybrid platform with high speed accumulator injection
  • A Roboshot 160 ton with integrated Mold Masters E-Multi injection unit producing a 2-color poker chip
  • A POWERPAK 550 with a two-stage injection unit making 5-gallon buckets
  • A K-TEC 350 high speed packing machine
  • Manga T Servo Hybrids demonstrating IML and DME’s collapsible core technology.
  • Introducing Milacron’s new global design and upgraded Endura Touch control on the Magna Toggle and Elektron platforms
  • Extrusion systems including a GPAK 45 producing 1” SDR9 PE pipe and a PAK 250 system featuring a pelletizer producing strand-cut pellets

Milacron LLC, a privately held company, owned by affiliates of CCMP Capital Advisors LLC, has the widest range of plastics processing equipment, technologies and services in the world. Through its five premier businesses – Milacron Plastics Machinery, Milacron Aftermarket, Mold-Masters Hot Runner Systems, DME Mold Technologies and CIMCOOL® Fluid Technology – it equips customers with exceptional products and services, providing the innovation they need to succeed in today’s complex environment. The company’s more than 4,100 talented employees represent Milacron at every corner of the globe, delivering a competitive advantage to tens of thousands of customers in markets as diverse as the company’s portfolio of solutions.

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