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Boston Matthews to demonstrate new ranges of extrusion lines at Medtec China 2011

Boston Matthews, an extrusion technology supplier based in the UK, will demonstrate a new range of Medical Extrusion lines at the

forthcoming Medtec China which will be held from September 7-8 in Shanghai, according to the company’s press release.

As introduced, using the latest 3D Design Engineering Software and advanced Polymer Flow Simulation Technology, Boston Matthews have improved the die head design especially within the complex multi-layer, close tolerance tube configuration sector. To ensure that precision and consistency is achieved, the extrusion line includes AC Flux Vector Technology, Precision Servo Control, and Color Touch Screen PLC Control.

The extrusion lines of Boston Matthews designed specially for medical devices including PS Pipettes; Bubble ‘Bump’ Tube; Radio Opaque Tube; Peristaltic Tubing; Multi-Lumen Tube; FEP/PFA Canula; Polyurethane & Nylon Tubing; and Catheters.

Sales Director Simon Brookes stated, “The emergence of more non-intrusive procedures has increased demand for more complex tube configurations with even tighter tolerances. This places massive demands upon every element of the extrusion line and therefore every element must perform to the highest standards at all times. Boston Matthews design and manufacture every single element of the extrusion line including the complex die heads and therefore we have complete control over the quality and subsequent performance of the entire extrusion process.”

As said, the Direct-drive on the extruder ensures a clean, brushless operation but also provides transmission of power which assists energy efficiency. This is further enhanced with the use of AC Vector motor technology. Maintenance is also reduced using this technology and so reduces the risk of downtime and disruption to production. All surfaces are easy to wipe down and the open plan construction allows for easy access for cleaning to all areas.

The company further introduced that all surfaces that are in contact with water are made from high grade stainless steel to prevent any corrosion and risk of contamination. Besides, the accuracy and constancy of the line’s performance including cutting and winding reduces scrap and reject levels which can represent a high cost particularly when producing complex medical products using expensive polymers.

The Smart color touch-screen control system allows for simple line operation and quick start-up as well as providing essential tools for the tube manufacturer’s management, stated Boston Matthews. Password protection ensures line settings and production security is always controlled and maintained. Production data is fully accessible and transferable through a variety of means including Ethernet and modem. This allows for production data to be used for product quality analysis, traceability and efficiency reports.

Mr Brookes explained, “The Smart control system provides the manufacturer with the means to control the extrusion operation as well as the ability to access a large amount of data if required.”


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