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The new Pallmann "Tiger" shredder – A multi-talented all-rounder

Originally developed for reprocessing tyres, Pallmann’s “Tiger” single-shaft shredder is increasingly turning out to be a universal machine for

numerous applications. The lifetimes of the cutting tools, as well as the output, exceed all original expectations.

Astonishing wear element lifetimes
The Tiger-type single-shaft shredder was originally developed to separate the rubber in tyres from the steel reinforcement. Despite the high demands placed on them, the grinding elements last much longer than expected. Only after getting through over 8000 tonnes of material (depending on the type) do the rotor blades need replacing. The wear segments on the rotors cope with even more than 80,000 tonnes. Thanks to the lifetimes of the stator and rotor blades, adjustment of the cutting gap on a machine running at a typical recycling operation no longer needs to be carried out. The blades can be changed very quickly using proven clamping technology, so the down-time of the machine is minimized.

Turning in two directions – 97 percent purity in one step
Tyres can be cut into strips in a single step, thanks to the Tiger’s feeding behaviour. There is no need for any time-consuming, wear-intensive pre-cutting of the tyre into the normal shreds of 100 by 100 mm or 150 by 150 mm. The standard sized Tiger, the PSRT 1000 x 1250, achieves an average throughput of 3.5 tonnes per hour with a final particle size of 15 mm.

The unit’s patented construction enables the direction of rotation of the rotor to be changed regularly. In this way, the blades keep themselves sharp, contributing to a uniform product quality and further reduced maintenance.

The particular shearing and cutting action results in a purity of the steel fraction of more than 97% in a single process step, doing away with the need for a separate machine for subsequent cleaning of the steel fraction. In addition, more than half of the material has a particle size of 0 to 8 mm, which means that downstream size reduction technology can be designed to be considerably more cost-effective.

Loner or team player, an all-rounder with many talents
The Pallmann Tiger is typically used together with other family members, Lion, Panther and Lynx, to form a complete waste tyre recycling plant. Obviously, it can be used as a stand-along module, or integrated into existing plants.

There are numerous other possible applications for the Tiger. For example, it can be used for cleaning wire in tyre reprocessing plants, size reduction of safety flooring, carpets, turnings and millings, breaking up electric cables, electronic scrap and rubber seals with steel reinforcement, and other tasks. The Tiger is a true all-rounder, with many talents and an amazing performance, which in many situations can make additional machines for primary or secondary size reduction unnecessary.

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