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Milacron Now Offering Enhanced Roboshot All-Electric Injection Molding Machine

Milacron Now Offering Enhanced Roboshot All-Electric Injection Molding Machine
Milacron Now Offering Enhanced Roboshot All-Electric Injection Molding Machine
Milacron Now Offering Enhanced Roboshot All-Electric Injection Molding Machine

Batavia, Ohio – Milacron Plastics Technologies, a worldwide supplier of plastics-processing technologies, continues to offer the enhanced and top-selling Roboshot all-electric injection molding machine. New improvements to the machine offer customers unprecedented flexibility in their molding process.

The Roboshot α-SiA Series allows for more flexibility due to a new, optional 2-piece platen. Surpassing the industry-standard single casting platen offered by competitors, this high-rigidity, 2-piece configuration allows for larger molds and easier mold setup. The platen has been improved to be more interchangeable – it can be added or removed by the customer to meet exacting specifications. .

All this enhanced hardware is now run by one of the most advanced controllers in the marketplace – the new Fanuc Model31-iB. It features a similar look and feel as previous versions, but has been upgraded to offer faster processing times. Customers won’t have to learn a new control, but will still receive the benefits of some of the fastest processing speeds in the industry.

Roboshot α-SiA Series All-Electric Injection Molding Machines
The Roboshot α-SiA Series also has been enhanced from the base up. The machine’s base has been redesigned to reduce platen flex by up to 22 percent, while improving rigidity. A new fixed grease tray under the clamp allows for quick and easy maintenance. The upper guarding panels also have been improved, allowing more open access to the injection unit for the operator.

“We’re thrilled to continue delivering on our commitment and offering an advanced industry-leading, all-electric line,” said Eric Thompson, Electric Platform Product Manager for Milacron. “We’re confident that our customers will appreciate the flexibility that these enhancements provide to the Roboshot line.”

Other benefits include:

  • Clamp design improvements: Improved toggle bushings reduce wearing of the toggle pin and cross head pin, while a new tiebar bushing improves lubrication and reduces grease consumption.
  • Injection design: Standard injection and GP specifications are available (α-SiA and α-SiA-g). A high-precision pressure control with reduced noise results in enhanced molding parts stability.
  • Improved ballscrew design: A new sealed type ballscrew improves grease reduction and efficiency. 
  • Multiple applications: The enhanced series machines will be available in α-S55iA, α-S110iA and α-S165iA tonnages initially, with larger sizes to follow.

Roboshot 31-iB Series Control System
The enhanced Roboshot 31-iB Series control system can now store up to 10,000 change logs, alarm logs and operation logs, helping to better track troubleshooting and process parameters. The controller also has increased capacity to store up to 500 mold files, and has been built on a proven CNC platform. The 15” color display offers a full touchscreen of all control functions, allowing more information to be displayed to the user.

Additionally, the controller offers Precise Clamp Force control as an option, which automatically adjusts the clamp tonnage based on the actual part requirement. Using this unique method, the controller can change clamping force while the machine is running which prevents mold defects due to gas venting and leads to longer mold life.

Milacron LLC, a privately held company, owned by affiliates of CCMP Capital Advisors LLC, has the widest range of plastics processing equipment, technologies and services in the world. Through its five premier businesses – Milacron Plastics Machinery, Milacron Aftermarket, Mold-Masters Hot Runner Systems, DME Mold Technologies and CIMCOOL Fluid Technology – it equips customers with exceptional products and services, providing the innovation they need to succeed in today’s complex environment.

The company’s more than 4,100 talented employees represent Milacron at every corner of the globe, delivering a competitive advantage to tens of thousands of customers in markets as diverse as the company’s portfolio of solutions. For further information, visit

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