Wagner Reinhardt-Technik develops new and improved Liquid Silicone Rubber dosing and mixing system

Wagner Reinhardt-Technik has released a new generation liquid silicone rubber dosing and mixing system, the ‘’LSR eTwin Connect’’.

The old LSR ELA machine has undergone some significant design changes and improvements to produce an end product that is technologically advanced and meets the demands of modern LSR processing and is ready for ‘’Industry 4.0’’. The new machine was developed working in close cooperation with injection mould machine manufacturers, LSR processors and material manufacturers.

‘LSR eTwin Connect’ offers high efficiency, the perfect mix ratio, up to 99.75 per cent material utilisation and gives consistently high productivity and quality control at both low and high shot weights.

The ‘processing unit’ was re-designed with improvement and features making it extremely engineer friendly. It can now be dismantled using just one tool.

In addition, the operator can now connect up to four colour additive dosing valves which can be assembled or stripped down without the need for tools. The machine is available in both tandem and single unit configurations.

Combining two dosing systems enables production to continue uninterrupted, eliminating downtime from material drum changes.

The LSR eTwin is available from Eurobond Adhesives Limited who are the Wagner Reinhardt-Technik distributors for customers in the United Kingdom.

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