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Assemblywoman Butler's bill banning BPA in plastic baby products advances

A bill has moved forward from South Bay Assemblywoman Betsy Butler that would ban the chemical bisphenol A – or BPA – from use in

plastic baby products.

The bill, rejected by the state Senate a year ago, was approved Tuesday in that chamber on a 21-12 vote. The bill now returns to the Assembly for a vote following Senate amendments.

Butler, a Democrat elected last year to represent the coastal South Bay, said BPA has been proven to leach out of plastic products such as baby bottles and sippy cups and is linked to an array of health problems.

“The scientific community has repeatedly found BPA is harmful to children and it is time to protect our most vulnerable citizens from this toxic chemical,” Butler said in a statement.

If Butler’s Assembly Bill 1319 becomes law, California will join 11 other U.S. states in banning BPA in feeding products for children.

The bill is opposed by chemical industry and other groups that say the legislation could open up companies to lawsuits even if minute amounts of BPA are found in their products.

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