WACKER Presents Tear-Resistant Silicone-Rubber Grades for Baby Products

WACKER Presents Tear-Resistant Silicone-Rubber Grades for Baby Products
WACKER Presents Tear-Resistant Silicone-Rubber Grades for Baby Products
WACKER Presents Tear-Resistant Silicone-Rubber Grades for Baby Products

Munich, September 26, 2012 – At FAKUMA 2012, WACKER, the Munich-based chemical group, will showcase novel silicone-rubber grades for manufacturing pacifiers and bottle nipples for infants and toddlers. The new grades round out WACKER’s ELASTOSIL® LR 3040 liquid-rubber product line and its ELASTOSIL® R plus 4020 solid-rubber line. One outstanding feature of the cured rubber is tear resistance, which is especially strong in the solid-rubber grades. FAKUMA takes place in Friedrichshafen (Germany) from October 16 to 20.

WACKER’s new liquid silicone-rubber grades are part of the ELASTOSIL® LR 3040 product family, which was specifically developed for manufacturing soft yet bite-resistant silicone pacifiers and bottle nipples. The vulcanizates of the new liquid-rubber grades have identical properties, differing only in their hardness: ELASTOSIL® LR 3040 vulcanizes to form elastomers of 30 Shore A hardness, while ELASTOSIL® LR 3040/45 forms a 45 Shore A elastomer. With these two hardnesses, WACKER is meeting the needs of manufacturers of infant and toddler products for softer materials with high tear strength.

After curing, ELASTOSIL® LR 3040 displays high tear strength, well above that of comparable liquid-rubber products. Pacifiers and bottle nipples made of the new liquid silicone-rubber grades thus even withstand chewing by babies and infants. Like all ELASTOSIL® LR 3040 grades, the new liquid silicones feature very short curing times. The cured products of the ELASTOSIL® R plus 4020 solid silicone-rubber grades exhibit even higher tear strength – over 50 newtons per millimeter, measured as per ASTM D 624 B. Until now, such values were unattainable with silicones in baby-care applications.

ELASTOSIL® R plus 4020 enables the manufacture of thin-walled and compliant pacifiers and bottle nipples which, at the same time, exhibit effective bite resistance. Low wall thicknesses make for greater freedom of design and facilitate the manufacture of orthodontically correct pacifiers and bottle nipples. WACKER’s two new solid-rubber grades extend its product line by the hardness levels most often used for pacifiers and bottle nipples – Shore A 40 and 50, respectively.

With its new liquid and solid rubber grades, WACKER covers a useful range of hardnesses. ELASTOSIL® LR 3040 now comprises hard-nesses between 30 and 60 Shore A, and ELASTOSIL® R plus 4020 features hardnesses from 40 to 70 Shore A.
All the new silicone-rubber grades can be injection molded. They produce highly transparent cured rubber with excellent mechanical properties. The post-cured rubbers are food-compatible and meet the requirements of the Federal German Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the French “Arrêté du 25 novembre 1992.”


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