VELOX presents performance-boosting innovations at K

Leading European distributor of speciality materials for the plastics industry VELOX will be presenting its performance-boosting materials innovations – including new TPUs – at K 2016.

The VELOX product range covers a comprehensive spectrum of speciality plastics for technical, packaging and medical applications as well as purging compounds. Alongside these, the company will also be presenting its range of additives for plastics and rubber, functional fillers and flame retardants as well as many other innovative products for the plastics industry .

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VELOX presents performance-boosting innovations at K

“We are looking forward to presenting our new products to our current and potential customers and discuss future projects,” said VELOX Managing Director François Minec. “VELOX is proud of being accompanied by many of its highly valued partners who share their expertise at our 240 m sq booth during the most important show in the European plastics industry.”

This year VELOX will be presenting its new TPU innovations from its partner Lubrizol Advanced Materials, a leader of the TPU technology. Estane VSN 9000 is specifically designed to improve the performance of high-end eyewear frames delivering unique and highly desirable properties: self-healing capabilities, excellent dimension stability as well as chemical resistance and is therefore an excellent PA 12 alternative for eyewear frames and other applications.

Polyram Plastic Industries, a leading global supplier of high performance thermoplastic compounds and long-standing VELOX partner, will present the new tie layer grades Bondyram TL4530 and TL4401. These allow coextrusion of copolyester (PET / PETG) or polystyrene (PS) to adhere to materials such as EVOH, PA and PE resins.

In addition, VELOX will launch its VEMAB PEEK. VELOX PEEK under its own brand name VEMAB PEEK in cooperation with its development laboratory. The new product range includes various glass and carbon fibre reinforced plastics, tribologically optimised formulas as well as customer-specific solutions for extrusion and injection moulding applications. Additionally, VELOX will be presenting unmodified PEEK in three different viscosities in granulate and powder form for compounding, extrusion, compression and injection moulding.

VELOX partner ADVANC3D Materials, which specialises in the development, production, sales and distribution of 3D printing materials will be presenting its current 3D printing materials. In particular, filaments made from different polymers distributed by VELOX will be presented at the show. Drop at our booth for a live presentation of a 3D print.

VELOX will also present products by its partner Samyang Engineering Plastics. The company will showcase TRIEL, a Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer (TPE-E).

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