Walter Baumann Becomes Managing Director of PTS As Founder Uwe Stenglin Takes On New Role of Principal Consultant to Teknor Apex

TAUBERZELL, GERMANY, September 14, 2016: Uwe Stenglin, who built Plastic-Technologie-Service (PTS) into a leading custom compounder and arranged for its sale to Teknor Apex Company in March of this year, has taken on a new role as principal consultant to Teknor Apex. Walter Baumann has assumed the position of managing director of PTS.

Founded by Mr. Stenglin in 1986, PTS is a key player in the European market for engineering thermoplastics (ETPs) and thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs), with a diverse product range and unique technologies. Mr. Baumann, who worked with Uwe Stenglin and other shareholders to successfully complete the sale of the company, has been a senior manager with PTS since 2009.


“This transition will enable Uwe to devote his time to working with Teknor Apex to cultivate technical innovations, train staff and customers, and ensure that the product and application successes of PTS are extended throughout our worldwide operation,” said Teknor Apex senior vice president Suresh Swaminathan. “He will also continue to work with select customers in Europe and share with Teknor Apex his remarkably broad access to industry professionals, institutions, and agencies.”

Since the acquisition by Teknor Apex, Walter Baumann has served as the director of integration, responsible for working closely with various groups within Teknor Apex to facilitate the process of integrating the two companies.

“Walter brings to his new position a deep understanding of the custom compounding business, including not only the vital importance of technical innovation but also the need to work closely with customers as a reliable partner committed to their success,” said Uwe Stenglin. “It is very satisfying to me to place the leadership of our company in such good hands.”

For seven years, Walter Baumann was the senior automotive business development manager for PTS. A European plastics industry veteran with a career of more than 30 years, he previously held senior positions in such companies as Borealis and General Electric.

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