Vanden Recycling has launched its “Think Beginning Not End” podcast, covering sustainability, recycling issues, and innovation.

The goal of the podcast is to shift the conversation around plastic scrap being a waste by-product, to one focused on a fact that it is a valuable resource.

The first episode airs today (13th December), and features an in-depth interview with Anthony Peyton.

Peyton is the CEO and co-founder of PREP Design, a firm that offers unique and bespoke design solutions for brand owners and packaging designers, via a specialist software tool.

Later guests will include Gayle Sloan, CEO of the Waste Management Association of Australia, and Viv Lister, Group Head of the Trade, Transport, and Regulatory Group.

Damien van Leuven, CEO of Vanden Recycling, said: “They key to unlocking the value and recyclability of plastics is to reverse engineer how they become waste in the first place.”

“Tackling a problem at the root of the cause is the only way to create sustainable change. Rethinking how a product is designed and made, procurement practices and how it travels through the supply chain.”

“We hope this podcast can spark debate and connect product designers and recyclers to create innovative solutions.”

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