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New Guide to North American rotomolders available from Plastics Custom Research Services

Rotational molding is a relatively straightforward process. Yet Peter Mooney, president of Plastics Custom Research Services (PCRS), regards it as “uniquely versatile and cost-effective.”

That should get the attention of many part designers and OEMs, which accounts for the growing demand from these groups for more information on rotomolding.

The PCRS “Guide to North American Rotomolders” provides an updated look at this plastics industry segment, and makes available the first comprehensive directory of companies in North America with custom, proprietary or captive rotomolding operations. PCRS is an authority on the evolution of the domestic and global rotational molding marketplace. This directory provides new detailed profiles of 371 regional rotational molders operating 438 plants in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.

“We have drawn from several resources to put this directory together,” comments Mooney, “including our own database, annual rotomolder rankings, the membership of several plastics industry trade associations, consultants to the regional rotomolding business, personal contacts across the region, and the Internet.”

Each company profile contains the following information:
•    location of company headquarters and plant(s)
•    company website and phone number
•    nature of company operations (i.e. custom, proprietary, captive or a combination of these)
•    major markets addressed, application specialty(ies), future market focus
•    recent annual sales
•    key official with email or phone contact information.

“This directory provides invaluable data and insights for companies across the regional rotational molding business including rotomolders, material and machinery suppliers, rotational mold makers, rotomolding market research analysts, and consultants, financial analysts, and plastics design engineers and OEMs exploring the rotomolding option, and seeking information on rotomolders in their area with expertise in their specific markets and applications,” Mooney explains.


Source : www.plasticstoday.com/

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