On Trend plastics make fashion possible for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is creeping up right around the corner! The last installment of the CFTE column highlighted sexy lingerie ideas for that special someone in your life.


Now, people know the trends, but what many do not always know is where those trends and actual products came from. Now here is some smart fashion for you, literally! The American Chemistry Council has teamed up with some of fashion’s elite to promote the “Plastics Make it Possible” campaign. Little do many people know that plastic is indeed what makes the creation of their sexy lingerie or favorite accessories possible. One trend that is becoming a mainstay in the industry is that of sustainable practices in the fashion industry. People don’t always give where their products come from a second thought, but the industry is pushing for transparency and telling you all about it. In the case of the Plastics Make it Possible campaign, the associations are highlighting all the greata fashion that comes from plastic and great ways it is working towards a greener directives by utlizing recycled product.

The campaign explains that: Plastics play a key role in building a sustainable future by helping to conserve resources and energy. Lightweight packaging and vehicles save weight and fuel on the road. Innovative plastic packaging protects food in shipment and keeps it fresher longer. High-tech plastic insulation saves energy to heat and cool buildings. And many of today’s plastics can be recycled.

When it comes to fashion, plastics show up in everything from clothing to beauty products like extensions. From nylon, polyester and spandex to faux fur, rayon and even recycled plastics, the fashion world has embraced plastic materials and taken design to heights not imagined at the turn of the century when plastic fibers in clothing first entered the mainstream. No longer are plastics solely dedicated to those gross pleather products, but rather to interesting and sustainable textiles. When it comes to those sexy Valentine’s Day lingerie goodies, plastics had a hand in those too!

The Plastics Make It Possible campaign promotes innovation throughout the years. When it comes to plastics and lingerie, plastics have inspired innovations that improve the lives of many fashionistas through lingerie. Today’s pushup bra wouldn’t give you the perfect chest if it weren’t for the elastic (plastic) that allows the shape to form perfectly around your chest. Plastics made it all possible! Here are some more facts on how plastics have made an impact on the fashion industy:

Back in the Day – While bras can be traced back to Cretan times, 1907 was the time stamp that put lingerie on the map with its first mention in Vogue Magazine.

Enter, Plastics – In the late 1930s, an inventor at Dupont developed the plastic fiber, nylon, and by the 1940s it had replaced silk in women’s stockings. Today, this innovative and ubiquitous material can be found in all forms of lingerie from bras to panty hose.

Taking Shape – Fashion of the 1950s celebrated a woman’s hour glass shape. In 1958, Lycra® (plastic) was invented as a replacement for rubber in unforgiving and uncomfortable undergarments, and helped women achieve that same coveted hour glass figure with lingerie in a much more comfortable way.

The Wonderful Wonderbra – After women were finished burning their bras in the early 1960s, the innovative Wonderbra® amazed the lingerie world with the push-up bra. In the 1990s the WonderBra® once again surged when it introduced plastic silicone inserts as an option to increase bust size.

Lingerie for the Technically Savvy World –  By 2000, lingerie had once again been revamped introducing The Bioform Bra; constructed of plastic (polyester and elastane), broke the lingerie mold with a high-tech molding cup for extra comfort and support. The milestone changes of the 21st century didn’t stop there, with innovative nylon, spandex, and lycra® multi-purpose lingerie that can be worn in a multitude of ways and under countless types of clothing.

It’s pretty interesting to see how this general man made product has influenced fashion more than any average jane could ever imagine. This trend really highlights the direction the fashion industry is going in and really pulls together a smart way to view fashion! If you are interested in learning more, check out: Plastics Make it Possible!

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