3D printing service bureau 3DPRINTUK has announced its move into a significantly larger production facility. The company, which specializes in selective laser sintering (SLS) 3D printing services, recently completed its transition to a new space inside the Leyton Industrial Village in North London. The new site will allow 3DPRINTUK to meet its increasing customer demand and fulfill future growth plans.

The new site in North London spans nearly 10,000 square feet—making it about 8,000 square feet larger than 3DPRINTUK’s previous facility. Notably, the building was designed specifically for 3DPRINTUK’s production, including its expanding fleet of EOS polymer SLS systems, as well as all other ancillary and post-processing equipment. The new location has two rooms dedicated to post-processing parts, cleaning and dyeing, as well as a fully sealed break down room to avoid risks of powder contamination.

“At 3DPRINTUK we are able to work with our customers—and potential new customers—to illustrate when and why the SLS process will work for them,” said Nick Allen, the company’s founder and managing director. “But we are not afraid to tell them when it won’t, either.

“This is really important to us, and something the industry at large is not very good at confronting. I think this approach has contributed to our growth, which has been organic year on year, and the new premises are testament to that. We are still settling in, but the printers have been working non-stop since we got here and we are looking to further expand our capacity in the near future.”

References : https://www.3dprintingmedia.network/3dprintuk-moves-to-10000-square-foot-facility-in-north-london/

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