Using carbon nanotubes in thermoplastics

The European Commission co-funded project TANOCOMP has developed an e-learning programme focusing on the processing of carbon nanotubes (CNTs).The training is designed for thermoplastics and focuses on the extrusion and injection moulding processes.

Using carbon nanotubes in thermoplastics
Using carbon nanotubes in thermoplastics

The online training programme developed by the European experts will be available free of cost from October onwards.

The TANOCOMP (Training on the nANOtechnology aspects of plastic COMposites with enhanced properties for use in high-strength applications) project believes the production of plastic nanocomposites will be of great interest to manufacturers of thermoplastic products.

With the help of CNTs, the properties and the functions of the end product can be improved or can also be utilised in an entirely new field of application. With functionalised CNTs plastic products can be electrically or thermally conductive and exhibit improved mechanical properties.

CNTs improve the tensile strength and provide high resistance to fire, greater durability, low wear and tear and reduce the weight of the end product.


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