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Teijin Fibers introduces first recycled polyester tire cords in Europe Teijin Fibers introduces…

Teijin Fibers Limited, a Japanese technology-driven group, announced yesterday (Apr 23) that its chemically recycled polyester ECO CIRCLE FIBERS are now being used in the cords of Toyo Tire & Rubber’s PROXES Ne tires, which Toyo Tire Europe GmbH introduced to the European market beginning in April 2009. Toyo Tire & Rubber is a maker of chemical and industrial products, and automotive parts.

Toyo Tire & Rubber launched PROXES Ne in Japan last December, as special tires designed for environmentally oriented passenger cars. The company has now expanded its market for this product into Europe. Teijin’s ECO CIRCLE FIBERS are being used for the carcasses of the tires as the world’s first recycled polyester adopted for tire cords.

ECO CIRCLE FIBERS are created through a closed-loop recycling system called ECO CIRCLE, which employs the world’s first chemical recycling technology, developed by Teijin Fibers. With rising interest in the development of ecological products, recycling and carbon dioxide reduction, Teijin’s ECO CIRCLE FIBERS have been mainly used for uniforms, sportswear as well as other fashion/sports items such as bags and gloves. Offering the purity of products derived from petroleum, ECO CIRCLE FIBERS achieves the demanding performance levels required of tire cords.

Source: plastics.2456.com

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