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Smith Optics' snow goggles made by Merquinsa Bio TPU

Pearlthane ECO, a renewable-sourced bio thermoplastic polyurethane elsatomers (Bio TPU) provided by Spain based TPU producer Merquinsa, can now be found in market leader, Smith Optics’ new Evolve collection of snow goggles.

Merquinsa’s Bio TPUs are renewable-sourced (bio-content from 20% up to 90% according to ASTM D6866) and recyclable materials with properties very similar to petrochemically-based TPU, contributing to global warming reduction.

According to an independent preliminary life cycle analysis, manufacturing Pearlthane ECO contributes up to 40% less global warming emissions. Smith Optics has chosen Pearlthane ECO because of its environmental benefits and due to its outstanding set of performance features, such as flexibility at low temperatures, robustness and ease of processing.

The renewable-based content of the Bio TPU used in Smith Optics’ ski goggles is 44% as certified by ASTM D6866.



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