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Engel to present energy saving e-cap machines at Brau Beviale 2011

Austria-based injection molding machines manufacturer Engel will exhibit costs saving technology of its e-cap machine series through video

presentations at the forthcoming Brau Beviale 2011, a trade show for the beverage industry that takes place in Nuremberg, Germany from November 9-11.

As introduced, an e-cap 420 machine will be the main cast on video, producing nearly 130,000 caps and closures per hour with 96-cavity mold and cycle time of 2.7s.

Engel’s e-cap series, developed under the basis of its e-motion machines for cap and closure production, delivers clamping force between 100-420 tons. With cycle times under 5s and injection speeds of up to 450mm/s, it is said to reduce energy consumption by over 40% compared to hydraulic machine while providing process stability for additional energy saving potential.

Another Engel’s exhibit will be the production of beverage on a duo pico injection molding machine. It emphasizes on efficient multi-component technology combining with in-mold labeling to ensure high-quality surface finishes for sales packaging, says the company.


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