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Innovia develops compostable film packaging for coffee pouches

Innovia Films, a worldwide thin film packaging solutions supplier, has developed a range of cellulose-based films, NatureFlex, which can

become renewable packaging material for coffee pouches when laminated with other bio materials, its press release said.

NatureFlex comply with standards for compostable packaging, including EN13432, AS4736 and ASTM D6400, states Innovia. Depending on the material of individual film layers being selected, the laminate structure could be certified compostable to the same standards subject to appropriate ink, print design and adhesive choices.

If required, the pouches can be vented or a fully compostable zip closure could be added, according to the company.

“Coffee producers are moving towards packaging which weighs less to save on transportation costs in the supply chain and to lower the product’s carbon footprint,” expressed Innovia Films Neil Banerjee, Market Developer, Cello.

“NatureFlex films offer a viable alternative to coffee producers who want a complete packaging structure that is lightweight and able to not only protect their product but at the same time is also compostable and made from renewable resources. This is the real point of differentiation for NatureFlex as existing laminate structures for lightweight coffee packaging can be difficult to dispose of except through landfill, whereas NatureFlex can be composted,” he continued.


Source : www.adsalecprj.com

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