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Sikora launches new 3 gauge heads Laser Series 6000

 sikora_20110630_cprjSikora AG, a global manufacturer and supplier of measuring and control technology, has

launched a new Laser Series 6000 with three gauge heads for application in hose and tube extrusion lines, following the addition of 3-axis diameter gauge heads of the Laser Series 2000.

The Laser Series 6000 has a measuring rate of 2,500 measurements per second per axis. Measurements are thus comprehensive and precise with such measuring rate and provide reliable statistical data, Sikora states. Its diameter gauge heads include an integrated measuring value display, which provides local display of the product diameter. As a result, the operator finds the accurate diameter value at one glance. Three gauge heads cover product diameters from 0.25-18mm, 0.5-38mm and 1-78mm.

Construction refinements are also made for the new Laser Series 6000. The devices have an opening that is twice as big as the maximum product you can measure with the device. This makes it easy for the extrusion line operator to feed the hose or tube through the gauge head, according to Sikora. Integrated into the gauge heads is a modular universal interface for classical field busses and Ethernet based field busses. All connections are protected from water, dirt or mechanical influences. There are no external plugs.

The gauge heads are compact and offer the swivel gauge head function, which, taken from the Laser Series 2000, allows the operator to move the head up easily out of the extrusion line. The newly developed stand is height adjustable and can be installed in every extrusion line. The elimination of moving parts ensures that the three gauge heads keep their accuracy during the entire operating time. Calibration is done only once at Sikora and is unnecessary thereafter, the company adds.


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