In the past fiscal year 2020/21, the international RAMPF Group generated consolidated sales of EUR 165.4 million (US $192), down 1.6 percent on the previous year. The RAMPF Polymer Solutions and RAMPF Eco Solutions business divisions recorded particularly strong sales growth.

While the first half of the financial year, from July 2020 to January 2021, was still shaped by the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, the second half of the year, from February to June 2021, brought what was in some cases a very fast and strong recovery for the RAMPF companies.

The core competencies RAMPF Polymer Solutions (reactive resin systems based on polyurethane, epoxy, and silicone) and RAMPF Eco Solutions (recycled polyols and multifunctional recycling plants) in particular achieved very good results, with a sales boost of more than 25 percent compared to the previous year. The Chinese subsidiary RAMPF China also recorded significant growth.

While RAMPF Tooling Solutions (board and liquid materials for modeling and mold engineering) was able to maintain its sales level from the previous financial year, RAMPF Production Systems (mixing and dispensing systems, automation solutions), RAMPF Machine Systems (machine beds and machine bed components made from alternative materials such as mineral casting and ultra-high performance concrete), and RAMPF Composite Solutions (carbon-fiber and fiberglass composite parts) saw their sales drop as a result of the continuing difficult situation in the mechanical engineering and aerospace industries.

Michael Rampf, CEO of the RAMPF Group:

Although the aftereffects of the coronavirus pandemic are still having an impact on our results, the bounce-back is already noticeable in all business divisions. The same is also true for our international subsidiaries in the United States, Japan, and China, and our joint venture in Korea. We are therefore reasonably happy with our results. We are optimistic about the current financial year, although it is still very difficult to say just how much the raw materials crisis will continue to affect our delivery capabilities and therefore our sales.

Investments in digitalization and sustainability

RAMPF will undertake investments of EUR 8.5 million during the current financial year. One area of focus is the further expansion of the Group-wide digital infrastructure to drive forward the digitalization of manufacturing, administration, and communication processes, as well as the development of new products and services based on digital technologies.

Michael Rampf – “With these technological possibilities, we will further optimize our work processes across departments and international borders, and offer our customers even more, even better products and services.”

Due to the rapid global growth in demand for polyurethane recycling solutions, the production capacities at RAMPF Eco Solutions in Pirmasens are being increased.

Matthias Rampf, CEO of the RAMPF Group and RAMPF Eco Solutions:

More and more companies are relying on our chemical recycling expertise in their circular economy concepts. Our project with the global energy corporation Repsol for building recycling plants is just one of numerous major projects.

Vacancies at a strong, family-run SME

The RAMPF Group currently has a global workforce of 850 employees, including 29 trainees.

Frank Fischer, Director of Human Resources & Legal at RAMPF Holding:

We are currently feeling the effects of the rebound after Corona and looking for qualified staff in many areas, especially in production, technical development, IT, and service. In the competition for the best employees, we rely on the challenging and varied activities we offer, highly modern workplaces, personalized career development support, comprehensive extra benefits, and the trusting, family atmosphere in the company.

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