Quantity Recycled By SPI and Partners on NPE2015 Show Floor Was 87% Of The Net Waste Produced

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82 exhibitors took part in the NPE2015 show for live recycling of scrap. The number of participants has grown two-fold in comparison to that at NPE2012, which has drastically augmented the quantity of recyclable scrap according to the report generated by The Plastic Industry Trade Association, the sponsor of the most popular plastics conference and trade exhibition held in every three years.

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NPE 2015

The authorized body for recycling scrap at NPE2015 was Commercial Plastics Recycling. The scrap, which Commercial Plastics Recycling or CPR accumulated and arranged for recycling, weighed 191 tons. The amount has increased by 62% in relation to the collection of scrap for NPE2012 and by 235% in comparison to the scrap collected for NPE2009. CPR has cautiously taken care of the requirements of the exhibitors prior to the launching of the show to ensure proper management of plastics scrap collected for NPE2015. The trucks and containers available on site also made the management of scrap easy and convenient.

At the Orange County Convention Center NPE2105 took care of 518 tons of plastics waste, which included scrap and disposed plastics waste. 87% of this plastics waste, which is 452 tons, was used for recycling. The processing scrap was recovered by CPR at its Tampa’s recycling unit in Florida. The recycling of used plastics waste was carried out at the Orange County Convention Center. The Recycling Committee of NPE administered the entire process. Lori Campbell, director of operations at SPI and representatives of exhibitors at NPE2015 formed the NPE Recycling Committee.

The prime objective of NPE2015 was to demonstrate the commitment of the plastics industry and SPI to lessen reprocessing of plastics, the recycling carried out at NPE2015 was a proof of this assurance. Overall, the show has been a successful one and it has served as an inspiration for SPI to organize a fresh event to be held annually for aiding processors, leading brands and the entire chain of plastics supply to transform their dream of protecting the environment into a practically possible operation. This event, which will be organised by SPI from 25th to 27th April 2016, is called Refocus Summit and Expo. To be held in Orlando Florida, Refocus will cover all areas of plastics manufacturing, consumption and recycling. www.refocussummit.org provides information on this. Dates for NPE2018 are 7th to 11th May, 2018.