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Progressive Components standardizes expandable cavities

Utilized as a custom solution for years, Expandable Cavities now have been released as a standardized, off-the-shelf component by Progressive Components, a leading supplier of components for the global production tooling industry.

The Ex-Cav is designed for molding undercuts located under the part surface, such as barbs and protrusions, and is offered in four sizes, ranging from 20mm to 50mm.

Expandable Cavities simplify mold designs by eliminating the need for complex side action assemblies. In addition, their compact design enables the use of smaller mould bases and a smaller press.

“Expandable cavities have been successful in helping molders save money by reducing mould width and maximizing cavitation,” said Jessie Lee, Managing Director of Progressive Components Asia. “By having a standard line available we are able to bring these advantages to our customers and help them meet shortened lead times.”

The Ex-Cav standard includes two mounting styles, with CAD geometry available for ease of integration into upcoming mould designs. All Ex-Cav’s can be ordered with molding details already machined, saving time, and custom Ex-Cav’s requiring special configurations are also available.


Source: plastics.2456.com

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